Classic Fashion Photography

Announcing the new trend, I am taking, in photography.Fashion photography inspired by the great classicphotographers from the 1920s to 1960s.  Aren’t you tired of pictures that show poor lighting, lack of creativity and poor technique, that are just manipulated Photoshop junk.

Not to mention, the heavy retouching.  Photos that are so far removed from reality that they might be poor quality paintings!

What photography can be in 2010 and beyond.


Photography 2010.  People ask me about the profession of photography and I have to pause.  I’ve seen many photographers, some pretty good, go out of business the last 2 years.   Many people think they can take good photos.  Just buy a good camera.

But photography can be an art.  Creative.  Capturing the soul of the person photographed.  Expressing deep feelings from love and sex to beauty, surprise and even shock.

My goal is to capture your attention and create images that will not be easily forgetten.  If the photo is a personal one, it’s something special, unique, one of a kind, and something that you will treasure and show your friends, family and lover(s).

If it’s for a business, like a fashion company or magazine, the image must astound and even surprise your readers and customers.  How else can you stand out from the other media, ads and temptations your reader/customer is seeing thousands of times per day.

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